Monday, July 11, 2011

The Zone Diet vs. Jenny Craig Weight Loss

Our review of these programs:

The Zone diet is based on the theory of 40/30/30 - which means that 40% of calories should come from carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. This program was created by Barry Sears ...... and a well-known book was published about this diet called "Enter the Zone".

So when a dieter eats a meal that is "40/30/30" - then known as a "zone favorable" food.

The author of the Zone Program (Barry Sears) claims that if you make all meals "Zone Favorable" then your body will have reduced insulin levels, leading to weight loss and fat burning.

However, we do not agree that eating a 40/30/30 (Zone Favorable meal) is the best way to reduce insulin levels.

Also, another thing to remember is that it can be difficult to follow the Zone Diet because everything must be calculated "exactly" at every meal (and most people will find such calculations very tedious, especially people with times very employees).

We believe that the average diet may find this program very difficult to use for any length of time seriously, and therefore we do not like the diet program in the area.

The creators of this diet have even created their own line of products in the area of ​​food conditions (such as bars, shakes and other area zone products to the diet).

But of course, these products cost much more than "average food" costs ...... average diet in which many may find that buying these products is not profitable for them. This is another reason why I do not recommend using this program.

Jenny Craig weight loss program is a bit more traditional and simple in our opinion, although it is likely to cost a bit much for the average person (who is also a little in their basic principles, in our opinion).

This entire diet seems to be based on eating fewer calories and exercise more, which is a very old concept. Jenny Craig is assigned its own weight loss expert (Nutrition) that will help keep you motivated each week for you to stay on the diet.

This is possible because Jenny Craig has many centers of weight loss throughout the world, and if dieters live close to a facility may choose to meet with a nutrition consultant "in person". Or, if dieters do not live near a facility may choose to meet with their nutrition counselor "via telephone" each week.

... But whether you meet with your nutrition consultant via telephone or in person - you still have to buy Jenny Craig's expensive "pre-packaged" meals. That's the downside of this diet program in our opinion, as they have to continually buy Jenny prepackaged meals (which are quite expensive compared to normal meals).

From everything I've seen these pre-packaged foods appear to be low-calorie versions of normal meals, so it does not seem to be very destabilizing or special (from our perspective) anything.

So with Jenny Craig which basically will eat fewer calories (smaller portions meals) and exercising more while meeting weekly with a nutrition counselor (who will keep you motivated to keep out of the diet).

Also, remember that you are required to buy Jenny Craig prepackaged food is every week - which can be costly in time.

So overall I do not think it's smart to use the Jenny Craig program, since any diet that continually required to pass the money to "special meals" is not a good option in our opinion.

When comparing the Zone Diet to Jenny Craig we find that both programs have too many negative qualities to recommend - if the Zone Program is probably a little better in our opinion.

But overall, we strongly recommend against these two weight loss programs.


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