Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Ab Machines Can Never Give You a Slimmer Waistline...

Ab Machines are not the answer to a slimmer waistline.

Ab machines are advertised everywhere these days, but are most commonly advertised on infomercials at night.

These infomercials are largely aimed at deceiving the public to believe they can "flatten" the stomach, doing some abdominal exercises every day.

You've seen the infomercials - so you know what we mean.

These infomercials usually have a lot of models of super-healthy fitness walking with perfect abs - and they say they owe their great looking abs to whatever "ab machine" that are trying to sell you.

These fitness models usually have a "smile" in your face as they demonstrate the ab machine for you, and so do you think is "fun and easy" to use their ab machine.

However, what these models super-healthy fitness not tell you is that there was a great looking abs even before they used an ab machine.

Most fitness models were born with super-thin body, which means there would be a great looking abs at all costs.


The truth is that ab machines do work to strengthen the abdominal muscles, but that's all they do. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, but not make her thin waist - see the difference?

Ab machines can not make your stomach thinner or thin - it just may make your abdominal muscles strong.

You see, even if you have the strongest ab muscles in the world, it is still possible to have a large waist at the same time.

In fact, just look at football players to see a perfect example of this. Football players have some of the strongest abs on the planet (you could almost reach your stomach with a hammer and not hurt them) ----, but yet they are also some of the most overweight athletes on the planet.

This is because they have super strong abdominal muscles, but the abdominal muscles are buried beneath layers of fatty tissue.

This fact proves that ab machines will only give you stronger abs, but not give you a flat stomach.

If you want a thinner waistline then you have to lose the fat that sits on top of your stomach muscles, and the only way is to follow a good diet plan.

You must remember that you can make your abs super strong and firm, yet you can still have tons of fat tissue sitting on top of the stomach which prevents your abs to be seen.

This is the "truth" which ab machine makers do not want you to know when you're watching their fitness models on TV. The truth is that you need to start a diet to lose the fat that sits on top of the abdominal muscles, as only then you get a slimmer waistline.

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